To create an innovative unified direction for the Heineken Green Room in collaboration with Arcade and activate it across the APAC region.


Touch the Music

Heineken already has a strong correlation with music and challenges consumers to experience music with all their senses-beyond just listening to it. Going into the second series of the Heineken Green Room Original Sound Experiment,we took it a step further with ‘Touch the Music'.

4 Sonic Droids were produced with each droid having its own unique element and music tailored to their personalities.The droids had approximately 26,300 interactions across 21 events in countries such as Thailand , Mongolia , Indonesia , China , Laos , Myanmar , Cambodia , Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

More than just a typical dance event, the Heineken Green Room immerses party-goers in a sensory musical experiment driven by technology.



Droid Features

Static : Having an electric personality, Static beams the Heineken star laser and releases a strobe show from chest.

Subzero: A massive mobile glacier,Subzero is loaded with CO2 jet cannons that's chills your beers and has a LCD face screen that displays audio waveforms.

Pressure: Imposing and solid, Pressure has a vortex cannon that blasts smoke rings and illuminated wires for steampunk aesthetics.

Texture : Fun, quirky and multi colored Texture, lights up to the beat of the music and blasts multi textured confetti from its confetti gun.